Fundraising Secrets

The Underground Playbook For Non Profits To Fundraise Fast, Grow Sponsors, Build A Massive Donor List, UpSurge Donations & Impact The World

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What We Do

UpTheBiz marketing and advertising agency offers customized solutions to effectively solve problems and exceed client’s results.

We listen to our client’s challenges and create innovative and strategic solutions to help increase their brand awareness resulting in targeting ideal prospects and increase revenues. We have disrupt the market and that is what stands our brand and agency apart from the rest! We serve with the highest integrity, and will continue to do so. UpTheBiz, is a tool for success. Partner with us and be able to alleviate the pressures and challenges that come with entrepreneurship through our business services.

What We Can Do For You

Interactive Media Design

✓ Web Designing
✓ Logo Design
✓ Clickfunnels Set-up & Design
✓ Graphic Design & Print
✓ Mobile Apps Design & Hosting

Marketing & Sales

✓ Television Commercials
✓ Google AdWords
✓ Clickfunnels Set-up & Design
✓ Graphic Design & Print
✓ Business Promotional Items
✓ Videos & Podcasts

Where To Shop and Dine

The Premiere Tool To Dine and Stay Locally in a College Region

The goal of this app is to connect college students, parents and alumni to local communities, hotels venues, bars, restaurants, boutiques and entertainment all at your finger tips. Our App is great for your student to explore all the riches of our region while supporting the local economy by buying and shopping locally.

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Fundraising Secrets Podcast

Join Maya McNulty in the Fundraising Secrets Podcast to learn more how to upsurge your donations and impact the world!

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Book a strategy call with Maya McNulty! Free 15 minutes consult and information session to learn how I can better serve your business. I've helped over 1K entrepreneurs grow their business. Are you next?

Maya McNulty is an award-winning cable lifestyle program host that has aired for 5 years, reaching 2 million households and seen in more than 19 counties throughout New York State. A technology maverick, Maya designed the mobile app Where to Shop and Dine, which promotes small businesses launched in 2014. She has worked with thousands of people for more than 20 years creating opportunities for entrepreneurs as one of America’s most respected business branding strategist, marketer and speaker. She has created spectacular events and has been recognized and received numerous awards for her career achievements and Philanthropy.

The ULTIMATE Blueprint to Building Lucrative Fundraisers

This Underground Playbook reveals so many things that you have no clue you could do to fundraising to upsurge your profits:

✓ Building Your Dream Team
✓ Creating a Drama-Free Timeline & Crush Deadlines
✓ Sponsorship Proposal Secrets
✓ Creating an Irresistible Invitation
✓ Thank Your Community

Learn 5 Steps To Elevate Your Business To Higher Levels!

This 3 hour workshop is designed to help and propel your business map by creating new and strategic plan of action while becoming more engaging and profitable. If you are stuck and your business just isn’t moving the needle, then you must enroll now!

There’s real value take away’s. Best of all, you can begin to implement immediately within your organization. It’s my mission that everyone can gain access to learning but I have to limit this workshop to 10 serious entrepreneurs.

In this 3 hour workshop you will learn:

- Perfecting Your Elevator Speech

- The Art of Asking for the Sale and Following Up

- Create a Financial Savings Plan for Your Business & Future

- Business Rookie Mistakes Don’ts and Do’s

- Create A Business Canvas

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