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SEO Basics: Where to Start!

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April 21st, 2015
Holiday Inn Express
Latham NY

Small Biz Albany Showcase
Seminars, Vendors & Recruiter Tables in Atrium, Gazebo & Patio

Seminar Space now open
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Peaceful Acres Horses rescues abused, neglected and abandoned horses, donkeys and ponies
(and the occasional goat!)
Foster a Needy Dog!

The Sprakers Border Collies are at Glen Highland Farms and need your support

Adopt, Foster or Feed!

Your donations are saving lives of great dogs.

You want to stand out in a crowd!
The web has never been more crowded, you are fighting non-traditional pages, video and big boxes for placements
Get Started:
Content is King! Adding new pages and articles to your site will keep the search bots coming back for more, they LOVE content!


Page Title Tags:

Every page on your website can have a unique title tag, use it for great keyword rich content! You have room for 8-10 words (2-3 phrases) – make them count! You already should rank #1 for your business name, so do not waste title tag space by putting your Biz name, URL or phone# in the tag. Add your geography if you serve a limited market, you will never rank nationally for “pizza” but you can rank locally for “Albany Pizza”

What is in a Good Title Tag:

  1. Your main product or Service
  2. Your Geo Target (ex. “Best Pizza Albany”)
  3. No more than 77 Characters
  4. Separate Phrases with “|”
  5. Never use punctuation or Symbols
  6. Skip the small words (in, of, at) – Google does!

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Networking & Workshops:

Up the Biz Luncheon

December 2nd 2014

12pm – 1:30pm

Hibachi Lunch

Rt 7 Latham NY

Open Networking

~No cost to attend/participate~

BYOL (buy your own lunch)


Youtube Search Marketing Webinar

Youtube Search Marketing Webinar
Now you can take the Youtube Marketing Class as a Webinar! Learn how to use Youtube for Organic and Paid Search Marketing! Learn to drive traffic for pennies a click!! Take the class in a fun 22 minute webinar and get all the details you need to get found with Youtube!


Webinar Price: $ 10.00
Class Price: $ 19.95

Next Classes at the Schenectady Chamber will be posted soon!


If you would like to schedule an appointment to review your website just let me know! I am here to help you! Web consults are provided at no charge.

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine!


Darcy Knapp, MBA, Director, CEO & Chief Web Mechanic

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